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Side Altar Floral Arrangement

Side Altar Floral Arrangement


White + Green  Chrysanthemum Arrangement to be placed on both side of the altar. Arrangement comes in Set of Two.




Flowers Selections are available in 2 tier: Basic / Customised


* Information on the flower selections can be found in the tab below.


* Pictured: Basic Floral Arrangement




Estimate size of arrangement:

40/50cm (Height) x 40cm (Length) x 15cm (Width)




• Table to be provided by the engaged Funeral Service Provider

  • Flowers Selections includes, but not limited to:


    Chrysanthemum, Sweet Williams, Eucalyptus, Ferns, and seaonal white floral and foliage.  


    * If you would have a specific floral selections or colour palatte for the arrangement, it would fall under "Customised Floral Selections"

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