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Package: Casket Decor 2

Package: Casket Decor 2


Organic White + Green Flower Arrangement.


Package includes: 1 x Half-Couch Casket Spray and 1 x Casket Bouquet. 




Flowers Selections are available in 2 tier: Basic / Premium

* Information on the flower selections can be found in the tab below. 


* Pictured: Premium Half-Couch Floral Selections + Casket Bouquet




Estimate size of Half-Couch Arrangement

80cm (Length) x 30cm (Height) x 30cm (Width)


Estimate size of Casket Bouquet

55cm (Length) x 30cm (Width)




• this package is suitable for a open-casket service.

• top up for full-couch sprays is available

• Casket Bouquet to be delivered on the day before the Committal Service.


  • Flowers Selections are available in:


    Basic Floral Selections

    Roses, Holland Carnations, Eustomas, Sweet Williams, Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, and seaonal floral and foliage.  


    Premium Floral Selections

    Vibrunium Snowball, Roses, Holland Carnations, Eustomas, Freesia, Sweet Williams, Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, and seaonal floral and foliage. 


    * If you have a specific floral selections or colour palatte for the arrangement, it would fall under "Premium Floral Selections"

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