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Customised Order (s)

If you would like to customize a flower arrangement or stand for someone special; or speak with us on custom styling and design for a funeral/wake set-up; please drop us a whatsapp or an e-mail. We will follow-up as soon as possible to arrange for a call or meeting to discuss further.

To assist you more efficiently, please include the following details in your email so we can plan together with you with careful consideration and promptness:




Venue of the Wake.


Duration of the Wake (how many days will this funeral be taking place for?)


What is the relationship between you and the deceased or the family of the deceased?


Which floral arrangements are you interested in for a custom order? Do you have any photos or links to share for the style you are keen on?


What is the estimated budget for the flower arrangement/decor?

If the link to our e-mail is not working, you may also email us at

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